Monday, October 22, 2012

Kindle price > hardcover price

Through the blog "Innovation Watch" I became aware of the book "Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves" by George M. Church and Ed Regis. I'll probably have a look at the book at some time. But what is noteworthy right away is the pricing of the book by Amazon: Its Kindle-version is at US$ 18.67 more expensive than its hardcover version which is priced US$ 16.39. Iit is the first time I have noticed such a relation between kindle and harcover prices.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Entering Bitland

This blog is a travel log of my wanderings in bitland. 

Bitland. At this time bitland is the space spanned by the various digital technologies. This space is not fixed and it is impossible to predict in which direction and at what speed it will expandland. Major provinces of Bitland are the internet and the web, personal computers, smartphones and smart pads, RFID and the internet of things, and much more.

Wanderings. The OED circumscribes the meaning of this noun as: "Travelling from place to place or from country to country without settled route or destination; roaming. Often in plural, sometimes denoting a protracted period of devious journeying." This I plan to do: not marching from one place in bitland to a pre-determined destination; not lingering for a protracted period at a certain place or region in bitland; not moving around sytematically. In wandering the activity matters, not the destination.

I. I am an agricultural economist. Recently, I was decommissioned by my university as a professor of agricultural economics (you can find out more about me at Facebook, LinkedIn and at Google Scholar). This change in my employment status openes up new frontiers and the frontier I plan to explore is bitland. Initially, I want to explore (i) how practical it is to do ag. econ research when you don't have an office in an university department (I had such offices since 1973 but moved out of my office on Sept 28, 2012); (ii) how useful university courses are that are offered on the web by Coursera and Udacity; and (iii) what it takes to found a company on the web.